Grouting or Re-grouting

The Bathroom dirt and mold can affect your tile stone, your health and the safety of your family. Through time, your bathroom walls will have open spaces and every time you shower it will let the water into it causing a severe damage. When this happens  the wallboard that the tile is adhered to will  begin to act like a sponge, and will keep absorbing the water that is leaking until it begins to rot.

At NYC Stone Care we offer Re-grouting services, as opposed to the quick fix of grout cleaning/steam cleanings what will waterproof the wet areas of your bathroom, and restore the original beauty of your bathroom. By re-grouting your tiles will give you the results that you expect.

We will Scrape out and remove all the unsightly and ugly discolored grout and caulking. Then Re-grout, Re-caulk and Waterproof every square inch of your shower area so it looks Brand New Again.

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We have all the necessary tools and experienced staff to restore your stone floor and make it look as if it was just taken out of the factory. It doesn’t matter how damaged or dirty your natural stone is, NYC Stone Care will not leave until you are fully satisfied with our work.

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